Unique Residency

Swapna Srushti Resort is a dream world, a dream package for fun filled adventure, We at Swapnasrushti redefine the concept of Resorts,where you wil lre-connect with Nature, Rejuvenate and fulfill oneself with enriching moments of joy.

The membership of Swapna Srushti Resort & Club is like a blessing, it's like a tonic that replenishes the mind, body and soul, the club is a relief for our everyday stressful lives. A Perfect weekend getaway!! Swapna Srushti is the World of Eternal Joy

One Day Night stay package

Superior Room Package (Per couple) Rs.4499 /-
Premium room Package (Per couple) Rs.5699 /-
Executive Suite (Per couple) Rs.6899 /-
Katchhi Huts (Per couple) Rs.6899 /-
Royal Tents (Per couple) Rs.6299 /-
Unique Truck House (Per couple) Rs.6299 /-

Water Park With 7 Wonders

Situated in the laps of nature, Swapna Srushti Water Park is a box full of aqua thrills, under the flagship venture of Swapna Srushti Entertainment & Club Ltd.

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