Royal Tent House

These unique residencies are attractive in their own way. A blend of modern comfort with royal elegance that allows you to relax and unwind. Our large airy and serene rooms are an electric mix of contemporary style and up to the minute technology.

Royal Tent house

These unique residencies will take you to the nostalgias of Jaiselmare.
The soft wall and tensile habitat, elegant designs with simplicity and in sink with harmonious environment.

Signature Theme Village

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Signature Water Park

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Signature Royal Tent house

It is for the one who loves to Stay in traditional homes but at the same time wish to have all modern amenities.
The night spent in tent will give the immense pleasure where you will be under the shiny stars, beautiuful moon and open sky in the lap of nature.


Round Cove Suite Rs.180
Signature Water View Rs.160
Signature Water Side Rs.140
Signature Junior Suite Rs.120
English & Continental Breakfast Rs.10
24hr Wifi Access Rs.10

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