Kutchhi hut

The bhunga is traditional construction type in Kutchh district of Gujarat. Bhunga is circular in plane with cylindrical shaped walls which is topped with conical roof of grass.

The unique getaway experience of staying in traditional home made up of Kutchhi mud walls, mud floor, a mud bed, under a thatch roof. Both the mud huts and tents are simple and clean and decorated with crafts of the area, creating an authentic atmosphere.



The interiors created here is right blend of Contemporary architecture with traditional touch.

At Kutchhi Bhunga right from entering into bhunga you will find Kutchi art everywhere you see.

Signature Theme Village

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Signature Water Park

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Signature kutchhi HUT

Talking of charming mirror work decorated windows,or closet or Tepestry. Either you talk of Bed sheets,or pillow covers,tapestry or furniture everywhere you find shadow Traditional Kutchhi art and culture.


Round Cove Suite Rs.180
Signature Water View Rs.160
Signature Water Side Rs.140
Signature Junior Suite Rs.120
Continental Breakfast Rs.10
24hr Wifi Access Rs.10

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