Services under Swapnasrushti resort banner offer guests an extraordinary place that is created by combining unique architecture and structure, expressive decor and artistry, and magnificent features all in one great location with perfect amalgamation of Urban and Rural life style.

An extraordinary experience that would make your memory of Swapnasrushti resort a long and lasting one.

Swapnasrushti resort is situated in the most breathtaking and pristine area in the world, and travelers from across the globe associate Swapnasrushti resort with the most inviting beaches, challenging golf courses and exhilarating ski hills.

We guarantee consistency throughout our collection of hospitality services by adhering strictly to company-wide standards. Central purchasing ensures the same high-quality amenities are available to all guests wherever they visit.

One Day Night stay package

Superior Room (Per couple) Rs.4,499 /-
Premium room (Per couple) Rs 5,699 /-
Executive Suite (Per couple) Rs 6,899 /-
Kutchhi Huts (Per couple) Rs 6,899 /-
Royal Tents (Per couple) Rs 6,299 /-
Unique Truck House (Per couple) Rs 6,299 /-


The unique getaway experience of staying in traditional home made up of Kutchhi mud walls, mud floor, a mud bed, under a thatch roof. Both the mud huts and tents are simple and clean and decorated with crafts of the area, creating an authentic atmosphere.

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