Snow Fall

First time in the world, when Snow Fall From one mountain of Swapna Srushti, everybody is stunned and feels if it is truth or dream ? Really this is truth of Swapna Srushti Water Park. We are reminded of Simla, Gulmarg or Switzerland when we throw snow on each other.

Missisipi Water Ride

Worlds’ Longest water ride, that starts from the ground and ends at the bottom of the cave. It gives enjoyment to go to bottom of the cave by sliding in water . This ride strikes a new in the world of water park !!!


The pendulum is wonder full unique and divine and it is developed first time in world. The pendulum is based on the principal of action and reaction. The ride gives the romance of earth and heaven both.

Wave pool

Very First time in India, Waves are created in pool by an ultra technique and operated for the whole day continuosly,While riding on wonderfully jumping sea waves in Wave pool, mind & body swing with joy !!!

Water Fall

Wonderful & Unique in India, everybody is delighted by watching big Water Fall in natural cave of Swapna Srushti. Springs flowing with sweet sound give us feeling if wonder world ! As if we are near the world famous Nigra falls.!!!

Thrilling Fog

In the ancient age, by releasing Malhar Raga, rain was brought at desired time. In this modern age have made extra ordinary and wonder arrangement for bringing rain at any time.

Miracle Tunnel

Miracle tunnel is unique in world such type of family ride is never developed before.